Prearranged Funeral



Another service I offer is the new concept of a prearranged funeral ceremony.

Families are often faced with difficult decisions following the death of a loved one especially with regards funeral arrangements.

A bespoke Civil Funeral ceremony uses words, music and poetry to try and capture the essence of the person who has died and we can get involved in the process before we reach a point where we cannot answer the questions of our friends or loved ones. Anyone can ask me to arrange their funeral ceremony for them.

I will visit you and talk to you about your life and achievements, thus ensuring the Tribute is an accurate depiction of your life and that the music played reflects your tastes. Putting into words what you want to say.

After the visit I will prepare a full ceremony, including the Tribute. You can then read it and make any changes as required.

The finished script is kept by you or your family until needed, all they have to do is give it to the Funeral Director when the time comes.

I charge a percentage of the usual fee to prepare the ceremony, normally 60%. That is then deducted from the cost of the final ceremony and the balance is paid to the Celebrant who conducts the funeral, if I am not available for any reason.


If you want to have a Civil Funeral, tell your family or friends and leave instructions in your will, not forgetting to include which music you would like played or any poems that you would like read.