Scattering Ashes

I have found a very informative web site that specialises in everything to do with scattering the ashes of  your loved one. Called scattering-ashes it has pages of useful information on the do’s and don’t’s of scattering ashes.

The owner of the site, Richard Martin has years of experience in helping people in this context. The site also has a large number of items available to assist in the process. From urns to use for scattering ashes at sea (they dissolve after a few minutes immersed in water) to Fireworks individually made with your loved ones ashes. Click on the link to find a full list of products available.

Richard has also found details of a company in the UK who can help with Transporting ashes from overseas as well as boat companies who can help with scattering ashes on water and companies who will help with scattering ashes in the sky.


Some other pages which I thought useful:

The Law and permission

Travelling with ashes

Where to scatter

Another very useful service to help with the sensitive disposal of a Loved Ones ashes can be found at a new initiative called “Secure Haven”.

Their website can be reached at:

And Together Always has some more information about other ways to dispose of the ashes of a loved one.